The simple things

This weekend has been lovely for no big reason but simply for enjoying the simple things. Yesterday we had a lazy start to the morning before heading to town for a walk to buy some freshly made Welsh cakes followed by a trip to visit family to share our cakes. We then spent a lovely few hours at a friends house where the boys had a wonderful time playing with their friends and I got a chance to have a lovely chat with my oldest friend! Hubby had help from a lovely friend to move things and we ended the day with a trip to look at Christmas decorations (more of that another time). Today we completed school tasks, made a start of Christmas lists and spent the rest of the morning on scooters at the park. We even managed to play some ball, where my husband got to see my awesome basketball skills (his exact words, “you played netball didn’t you?”). We were then fortunate enough to have Sunday lunch cooked for us by wonderful family – we thoroughly enjoyed the food and the company! We ended the day with a trip to the seaside. We had intended to go for a long walk, but instead, the boys began collecting sticks floating in the sea and turned them into a floor tree (see pics). As always in these spontaneous trips, someone ended up falling in the sea and soaking themselves, leading to a car ride dressed in just a coat!!  I usually don’t put so many details into a post, but I wanted to show what I mean by simple things. We didn’t spend a lot of money. We didn’t go anywhere extravagant or out of the ordinary. Yet we’ve had a brilliant, fun and happy weekend. We’ve enjoyed food and family and friends and local outdoor places. The boys have made decisions about what they want to do and have played happily together. Sometimes we need nothing more than each other and fresh air.

How was your weekend? Did you do anything special or have you had a quieter time like us? I’d love to hear all about your time!


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