Does anyone else have children (or partner) who likes to collect things? I have 4 (3 children and 1 hubby). Darling hubby likes to collect mugs. And pens. And key rings. Whilst the latter 2 are small (and the pens always useful), his obsession with mugs is a little more problematic – especially when 5 people live in a small space. He likes quirky mugs, one example being we have a wonderful “mad hatter” mug – not very practical as it isn’t stackable and cost a pretty penny. My eldest son collects cuddly toys, from dinky, key ring size ones all the way to giant, adult size ones! His obsession with them is already well ingrained and shows no sign of abating. And there’s no “passing on” ones bought, for example, 2 years ago – he remembers each and every one of them and has formed significantly attachments to each of them! The middle child is more loosely a collector – he doesn’t collect specific objects, he merely collects what I call trinkets. Anything could take his fancy – a little notepad, a tiny box, little gems, a keyring size figure. It has to be said, however, that his at least take very little room and he doesn’t form long standing bonds with his, so as his collection evolvedms, it is possible to remove earlier pieces! My final collector is my almost 4yo. His item of choice is….. stones. Yep, random stones, picked up from anywhere and everywhere. You only have to walk from the house to the car for him to find several stones to treasure. It doesn’t matter their size or colour (or cleanliness). As far as he is concerned, all stones are there to be collected. I am, however, supremely grateful that his collection is super small – because 5 minutes after finding and collecting the all imported stone, he puts it down and forgets about it. Silver lining to everything right?! 20170831_113507


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