Storing memories

OK so I know the title sounds a little strange, but I like to store my memories. I don’t mean storing in my long term memory (although obviously I do that too!) I’m talking more about the physical materials that help with my memories. Ever since my eldest was small, we have bought postcards of all the places we visit – beaches, museums, theme parks, towns etc. At the start, I filled each postcard up with information – the day we went, who was there, what the weather was like, how much the post card cost, what we did, the child’s favourite part of the trip. I wrote a postcard for each child,for each place. This was easy to complete with 1 child. It was manageable with 2 (just). But now, with 3, I find myself buying 3 postcards for every place – and that’s it. I have a bag of postcards. Now here’s my problem – I can’t remembered which child chose which card and I can’t always remember the weather. Or the cost. Some of these cards are 2 years old. I don’t always remember what the boys told me was their favourite bit – and there’s no way they’ll remember now! Similarly, I have a pile of scrapbooks, half started, photos printed but still in the packs, all with good intentions but never the time to see them through. And it makes me sad. I love these kinds of memories. I’d love to have them from my childhood. I love to look back on one’s I have completed and enjoy the moments again. So I am determined that once the boys are back in school, I’m going to start setting aside time each day to work on these projects. They might not mean much to the boys now, but I’m hoping that one day they’ll find them a lovely way of remember their childhood.

Do you keep any sentimental memory books or scrap books? How do you find time to fit it all in? I’d love to hear your thoughts. 


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