Weight loss journey – 6 months in

It was 6 months ago that I started my weight watchers journey and for the most part, it has been an incredible journey. My very first meeting was strange – I hadn’t intended to follow the plan, I was simply going along to help my friend with her new meeting. But then, I found myself following the plan any way. Having tried so many diets before, and seeing other people struggle with weight loss plans, I didn’t hold much hope. I have never been good at dieting and I love food, so I didn’t see myself sticking to the plan long term. Then before I knew it, the first week had flown by and I had managed to stick to the plan easily. I hadn’t been hungry and I was thrilled to lose 6.5lb that first week. What a confidence boost. Fortunately, I have continued to find the plan easy to stick to over the last 6 months, although I have had a couple of blips along the way – funnily enough, the 2 blips have coincided with the school holidays when my routine is thrown completely out of the window! The first time I experience a blip (and put on 0.5lb), I was so mean to myself. I called myself names, told myself I was fat and useless and that I lacked self control. I couldn’t see past it. I couldn’t acknowledge all the good weeks that had come before it. My self loathing was all consuming. The following week, I doubled my efforts and was back on track. So where am I going with this reflection? I am learning. 6 months in and I have learned some very important things. My weight loss is a journey. Whilst walking laps of the park (school pick up time!), this analogy came to me. Last year, during our family holiday to Cornwall, my husband and I took our three boys on a 5 mile walk (granted at the time we didn’t know how far it was!). During the course of the walk, we meandered from the path, our attention caught by something pretty or unusual or exciting (like a cow, or a flower or, in some cases, a particularly green bit of grass). These diversions meant that the journey took a little longer and didn’t always lead us the way we expected to go. But, we got to our destination in the end and on reflection, it was the diversions that we enjoyed the most and that filled us with joy and gave us special memories. We didn’t regret any of those diversions. I have found the same can be said for my weight loss journey. I know that I WILL get to goal. It won’t be the straight path that I first thought it would be, and it may take a little longer than I first thought, but I will get there. And the blips for me always come at a time when fun parts of life take over, when I am out of routine and am enjoying time with my family. When we have days out at the seaside and have ice cream or when we go to a family BBQ where I have no control over the menu or when we go out to celebrate a birthday. These are the little pockets of life that make it so special, so unique. And I have accepted that if it means my weight loss slows now and again during these times, then so be it. A lot of this is accompanied by a sudden increase in my activity levels – keeping three boys entertained leaves very little time for sitting still! I’ve let go of perfection and berating myself and stressing out the journey. I have decided to enjoy it and accept it for what it is – aiming to get better, healthier, stronger each day. And whilst I am on the journey, I will enjoy these little diversions, because it won’t be long until I find the right path again.


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