Look for kindness

In the wake of what has happened in the last few days, I’ve had to talk to my boys about some quite frankly, scary situations. Now they emcee in school, it is impossible to keep them sheltered and I’d much rather them hear the relevant facts from me than a less accurate view from other children. Hope, in my attempts to explain to them some of what has happened, my key focus has been on the positive side. Yes, there was a “bad guy” (terminology they understand), but in response to that 1 person, there were thousands of good guys. We talked about the police, the ambulance crew, the hospital staff, the taxi drivers offering free lifts and the hotels letting people stay for free. We talked about the pizza place giving away free food and the people from all walks of life coming together to help in anyway they can. The world is such a frightening place at times, but it is the world my children have to grow up in and I don’t want them to grow up being afraid. The lessons of kindness and compassion are so important to me and I use every opportunity to focus on these. It is something I’m trying to teach them in every situation – look for the kindness, look for compassion, look for the good. There is always good. Random acts of kindness may be small at times, but they are there, and it is these things we should be remembering. This is what I want my children to take away from the terrible events occurring. We can always find good and we can always do good. My heart goes out to each and every person who’s been affected by this weeks tragic events. It has certainly made me hold my children that little tighter and little longer. We’ve had later bed times and spent even more family time making the most of each day.


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